The over-gears are designed for connecting gear pumps to farm tractor power-take-offs.
Output speed of power-take-offs is 540 R.P.M. which can be compared with proper running speeds of hydraulic pumps. Different input speeds can also be suitable, provided that over- gear output speed does not exceed 3000 R.P.M.
HOUSING: Made in shell-cast aluminium or in high mechanical resistance sand.
GEARS: The gears have been calculated in compliance with ISO/DIN 3990-88 standards. Made in Steel UNI 18 PCR M03. Stub teeth guarantee higher resistance and whisper quietness.
SHAFTS: Made in steel UNI 16 CRN4. They are Coupled with gears via splined parts and are thus more suitable to stand the torques stated in the catalogue.
TORQUES: The torques mentioned in the technical charts of all over-gears refer to continuous duty. Torques under intermittent working Conditions can be exceeded by 20%.
LUBRICATION: We recommend to use oil Type SAE 90 to ensure longest life and proper operation of the unit. Check oil level via the special window every 1500 hours. Carry Out first oil change after 60 to 80 working hours.
WORKING TEMPERATURE: Continuous working temperature should not exceed 120°C.
PUMP ASSEMBLY: Pump assembly requires a half-coupling and a fitting flange according to specific requirements. When ordering, please specify flange and pump shaft type.

Contact us when installing special pumps with operating features different from those stated in this catalogue.





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